ACM Ensemble

3rd December _______________________

Music of the Up Bow

IABF Centre, M1 5BY
After their performance of Abrahamsen’s Schnee in June, ACM Ensemble invites its audience to a further exploration of the subtle and delicate sounds of Danish contemporary music. Along with commissions from two emerging British composers, the program represents Danes from three generations, concluding with the UK premiere of Steen-Andersen’s strikingly original masterpiece Amid.

SORENSEN – The Hill of the Heartless Giant
SORENSEN – Angelus Waltz
FUTERS -windows and doors: Denmark (1) (ACM Commission)
BAGGER – Propior Deo
CURINGTON – Flute, Clarinet and Violin Nos. 1-3
(ACM Commission)
STEEN-ANDERSEN – Amid (UK Premiere)

ACM Ensemble is a young and dynamic contemporary music group committed to performing some of the most iconic yet rarely performed works by international composers from the last few decades.

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