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Mission Statement:

Ignite showcase, create and promote collaborative and innovative new music theatre, offering artists with backgrounds in a range of media the opportunity to come together and devise new work, exploring the belief that music is as much visual as aural.

Ignite aims to curate events that showcase and support new and established works where music and theatre are of equal concern, highlighting and heightening the interactions between music, theatre, speech, visual art, movement, dance and new media. The company will specialise in events where these diverse media co-exist and intertwine in immersive, interactive environments and performance situations. Here, the conventional roles of the composer/performer/spectator are challenged and opened up to a new, exciting and engaging dialogue.

As a strand of the Sounds of the Engine House concert series, Ignite will endeavour to continue to work with upcoming young composers and artists, promoting their work and serving as a platform with new commissions founded on the principle of programming conceptually conceived, thematically integrated performances.


Ignite has been launched as a new strand of Sounds of the Engine House to raise awareness, support and and provide a forum for the interesting and adventurous work concerning the interaction between music, theatre, speech, visual art, movement, dance and new media which has been gathering steam. The addition to the popular Sounds of the Engine House concert series will mark a serious acknowledgement of the breadth of current musical approaches and bring together composers, musicians and artists of other disciplines from cities across the UK. Ignite will present new music theatre as stand-alone pieces and also curate exciting immersive events which will celebrate and explore storytelling through various art forms.


The Tin Man and the Mirror, Eve Harrison: A Little Bite Music@The Bridgewater Hall, 2013

Using the insightful text of Bruce Arthur I have personified an imaginary ‘regenerated’ city to explore the question of architectural purpose and identity within a socio-cultural context. Through musical representation, movement and drama the ensemble and vocalist will carry out The Tin Man’s conversation with his reflection as he strives to find his identity. There are two short movements to this piece, Specular Reflections and Diffuse Echoes, the first being a direct statement of identity and the second more doubtful, challenging: The Mirror pleas for the Tin Man to address his shortcomings.

Hera’s List, Eve Harrison: Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2012

Mortal and mythological worlds collide; Hera’s List explores a dejected man’s struggle for independence, despite chaotic interference from Greek Goddess Hera with her whimsical list of goddesses. A witty and fast-paced libretto and a mischievous and vibrant musical score combine to tell a compelling and pertinent story of love, jealousy and control.

Eve Harrison’s distinctive approach to music theatre includes the ensemble musicians with the singers in an immersive theatre of spoken word, singing and movement. This collaborative project with James Whittle as musical director and Rebecca Lea as director provides the ideal performance to launch Ignite. For more detail of the making of Hera’s List please visit http://tinyurl.com/d2p6vmj.
I walk before I crawl: five tableaux for five musicians, James Whittle

Are we alike? When are we the same? When are we not… How do we find out? Without uttering a word, everything can be told from the beginning through sound and movement.

Material is improvised as the musicians tell a narrative through space and time in a linear progression exploring the idea of distinguishing performative gesture when there are similarities and differences.

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